There is no doubt that Breaking Bad is genius. It shows how “the impossible”—like the notion that an innocent, deferential science teacher could transform into an evil, mass-murdering, money-laundering meth kingpin within a couple of years—becomes “possible.” And, even more strikingly, the dichotomy between lead character Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman is brilliant. In the beginning, you adore and support Walt but hate Jesse. By the end, you adore and support Jesse but hate Walt. These are subtle, refined processes. However, Breaking Bad is the only show I couldn’t finish simply because it is too twisted. I was fine with Hereditary, A Clockwork Orange, Requiem For a Dream, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Black Mirror, etc. In fact, I love all of them. Yet this show takes things to another level. It consistently made me feel sick and dark and angsty and depressed inside. Of course, this isn’t an objectively bad thing—but it was enough for me to eventually turn the TV off. It’s a shame. I always hear that the end is so perfect.

Regardless, there are many accolades to Breaking Bad that underscore its greatness. The acting is absolutely phenomenal. Bryan Cranston won FOUR Emmys for his lead role as Walt. Aaron Paul won three Emmys for his role as Jesse. Even Anna Gunn sold her role as Skyler enough to where she received death threats from people who simply hated Skyler. Paul’s portrayal of Jesse in many parts, like when Walt visits Jesse at the hospital, is among the best acting I’ve ever seen (see the full video below—Paul’s monologue is, in my opinion, more convincing than Cranston’s in his famous “I am the Danger” scene). Moreover, we can’t discuss this show without praising the writing. Breaking Bad hooks you in. It is sneaky—even when you think you’ve finally outsmarted it. I just can’t lie to you and tell you that I loved it (particularly the first two seasons, which were slow) as much as millions of others did. Also, disregard this if you can’t handle gruesome violence. But if you can, well, Breaking Bad is considered one of the best shows ever for valid reasons.

Rating: 8.5/10

P.S. I recognize that my opinion of Breaking Bad is partially invalid since I never finished it, but I still felt that it was worthy of a review anyway. I plan to finish it one day. Thanks!