It is easy to enjoy the harmonies of any Fleet Foxes album. The iconic indie band was one of my favorites when I was in middle school and high school. Shore isn’t as dazzling as the legendary group’s first few albums. But it is excellent in its own way. The album begins with two stunning songs, “Sunblind” and “Can I Believe You,” and maintains the energy throughout the 55-minute work. The emotional palette is, as usual, angled toward feelings of positivity and liveliness—but it also descends to gloomier emotions at times. And though the trajectory of indie music has gone from *folk vibes* to a spectrum of *indie pop* in the last decade, Fleet Foxes doesn’t cave in. The band sticks with what always worked so well for them. But there are enough curveballs to still keep you on your feet. The acoustics evoke their splendid 2011 LP Helplessness Blues. It is quite natural to get lost in the sounds. And yet the lyrics are deceivingly thoughtful. The album is a pleasing and dynamic one that proves that in times of rapid change, some things remain the same—and retain their original beauty. This is particularly encapsulated in the songs “Sunblind,” “Can I Believe You,” “Maestranza,” and “Quiet Air / Gioia.” Granted, Shore is not a legendary magnum opus. But it is one of the best indie folk albums of 2020.

Rating: 7.5/10

P.S. Sorry for posting twice today. Just getting my final 2020 content out before February.