Surfaces is one of the hottest names in music right now. With millions of new streams every day, an invitation to play at Bonnaroo, and a recent performance on Late Night with Seth Myers, it’s safe to say that they have announced themselves. The Texas duo, composed of lead singer Forrest Frank and lead producer Colin Padalecki (though they both sing & produce), have built upon the groovy R&B and Lo-Fi that stood out in their debut album and developed a unique, upbeat, cathartic, feel-good sound. They are very fluid and dynamic in terms of genre, but my best way to capture Surfaces in words is *chill beach vibes / indie-pop.* Check out this song for an apt condensation of their style.

Surfaces’ third studio LP, Horizons is my favorite album of 2020. The production is absolutely fantastic: a perfect blend of consistent, rhyme, skillful beats and ornate curveballs (from great synth work and effects to saxophone solos and more). The lyrics are soft, relatable, and vague at times—while extremely personal and heartfelt at others. They blend nuance with subtlety so well. Their music makes you feel happier, forget your worries, and enjoy the moment. Surfaces will be one of the most famous bands in the world soon. I’ve loved watching them grow from only a few dozen listeners to 20 million on Spotify so rapidly. My favorite songs on the LP are Take It Easy, Good Day, Sky Interlude, and Keep It Gold. So, don’t let this virus keep you down. Check Horizons out! It’s what we need right now.

Rating: 7.5/10

P.S. I must concede that I’m biased as I’m friends with Forrest (we went to college together for 2 years). But the numbers don’t lie!